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Doyle’s, The full service Pharmacy Houston has trusted since 1935

Doyle’s Pharmacy has dispensed prescriptions to Houston families since the 1930’s. The Pharmacy is still owned by the Doyle family.

We are now taking care of the children and grandchildren of our original customers.

We were compounding prescriptions, when that was the only kind of prescription a patient could get.

We are still compounding prescriptions, but today we are a full service Pharmacy for all your healthcare needs.

Free Delivery of your Pharmacy order to your home or office.

Doyle’s new website went live this week.

Times have changed. Patients are now ordering prescriptions from their phones or IPads. We needed a new website

We have spent the last 4 months building the website. We would love to hear all comments.

Tell us what you think. Let us know what you like or if you see something that needs to be changed or fixed.

Call us if you have any questions.

You’ll be able to order prescriptions and over the counter products online anytime at your convenience.

If you prefer, you can call us. We always love to hear from our customers.

Be sure to visit  the RX SKIN THERAPY page on our website. It’s an amazing  line of anti-aging products compounded by a Pharmacist.

Doyle’s Pharmacy Blog

Writing a blog is something new for us and we hope you enjoy it.

This first blog is about introducing Doyle’s Pharmacy to our new customers. Future blogs will be published regularly about a relevant Pharmacy topic.

One of our Pharmacists will write about a topic of interest to our readers. We are happy to receive suggestions for future topics.

At the end of each blog, we will have a short section that focuses on a healthcare problem.

We will always suggest a solution, whether it’s buying a product, or just simply doing something differently.

Hot showers dry your skin… Hot showers or hot baths temporarily feel good and wet the skin. DID YOU KNOW they actually wash the skin protective oil and leave the skin dry.

Solution: Take lukewarm baths instead and pat skin dry, don’t rub dry, and always moisturize.


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